Adaptation Recommendation

Service Adaptation Recommender (SAR) is a dedicated software component that is able to suggest administrators, changes (adaptations) of their business processes, in order to overcome problems that might arise. These recommendations may include: removal of an unnecessary service, replacement of an underperforming service, addition of a new service, alteration of the process flow. Such recommendations can lead to superior performance of service based systems. Specifically, based on recognized situations, SAR is able to define points in a service flow that need to be adapted as a reaction to a certain situation and advices about what to adapt and how, based on a number of service adaptation strategies. Thus, SAR can offer situational–driven adaptation capabilities to any of the potential customers of PLAY platform. SAR uses event processing in order to monitor the process execution environment. So, when the execution violates some quality “threshold” or even when a problem arises, it is able to detect and trigger lookup for a suitable adaptation, using advanced reasoning mechanism.

The next figure depicts an example of SAR use is given, where a process adaptation is recommended and implemented (tasks in grey colour) in a respective process designed for coping with nuclear crisis management incidents (as it was presented in deliverable D4.4).